BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid – Keep Your Engine Running Clean

BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid – Keep Your Engine Running Clean


BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a high-quality solution designed to meet the stringent emissions regulations for diesel engines. It is a mixture of synthetic urea and deionized water that helps reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions, allowing your vehicle to operate more cleanly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Meets ISO 22241 standards for diesel exhaust fluid
  • Helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Improves fuel economy and engine performance
  • Convenient 2.5-gallon containers for easy handling
  • Available in a cost-saving 4-pack

How It Works

BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. When it comes into contact with the hot exhaust gases, it breaks down into ammonia and carbon dioxide, which then react with nitrogen oxides in the catalytic converter to form harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Common Questions
Q: How often do I need to refill the diesel exhaust fluid?

A: The consumption of diesel exhaust fluid varies depending on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as driving conditions. However, a good rule of thumb is to refill the fluid every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Q: Can I use BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid in any diesel vehicle?

A: Yes, BlueDEF is compatible with all diesel engines that utilize SCR technology to meet emissions standards.


BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid is an essential component for modern diesel engines, helping to reduce emissions and keep your vehicle running smoothly. With its high-quality formulation and convenient packaging, it’s the ideal choice for drivers who care about the environment and their engine’s performance.