Crewsaver Boating and Sailing – Crewfit 165N Sport Manual Lifejacket – Black – Unisex

Crewsaver Boating and Sailing – Crewfit 165N Sport Manual Lifejacket – Black – Unisex

The Crewfit 165N Sport is our most compact lifejacket yet and one of the lightest lifejackets available on the market today. This is achieved whilst continuing to include the integral safety features required to ensure the recreational user remains as safe as possible when out on the water. The unique bladder shape with light and hood attachment points is designed to rotate the wearer into a face-up position – even if unconscious.


  • Fusion 3D shape providing the ultimate in comfort
  • Robust outer cover
  • Short profile 33g CO2 cylinder
  • Buckle adjuster to accommodate a range of sizes
  • Crotch strap

Fusion 3D Shape for Comfort

The Crewfit 165N Sport features Fusion 3D technology, which ensures a comfortable and bespoke fit. The shape of the lifejacket is designed to provide the ultimate comfort, allowing the wearer to move freely without any restrictions.

Robust Outer Cover

The outer cover of the Crewfit 165N Sport is made from a durable and robust material that can withstand the rigors of boating and sailing. It provides added protection and ensures the lifejacket will last for a long time.

Short Profile 33g CO2 Cylinder

The lifejacket is equipped with a short profile 33g CO2 cylinder, which is lightweight and easy to replace. This cylinder is essential for inflating the lifejacket in case of an emergency.

Buckle Adjuster and Crotch Strap

The Crewfit 165N Sport has a buckle adjuster that allows for easy adjustment to accommodate a range of sizes. It ensures a secure and comfortable fit for every user. Additionally, it comes with a crotch strap for added safety and stability.


The Crewfit 165N Sport is a paramount safety solution for everyday recreational boaters. It offers a compact and lightweight design without compromising on safety, style, comfort, or price. With its unique features such as the Fusion 3D shape, robust outer cover, short profile CO2 cylinder, buckle adjuster, and crotch strap, it provides the ultimate in comfort and protection. Available in four distinct colorways, this lifejacket is a benchmark product that ensures the safety and style of every boater.