DIYmalls Nextion Intelligent 4.3 inch HMI Display

DIYmalls Nextion Intelligent 4.3 inch HMI Display

Are you looking for a high-quality display for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects? Look no further than the DIYmalls Nextion Intelligent 4.3 inch HMI Display. This capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 480×272 is the perfect addition to your DIY electronics toolkit.

Key Features

Powerful Hardware

The Nextion Intelligent display is equipped with a powerful MCU, Flash storage, and SRAM. This means that you can enjoy audio, video, and animation play functions, making your project’s HMI interaction more engaging and interactive.


The Nextion Intelligent 4.3 capacitive display operates at 5V, which may not be compatible with all development boards that typically run at 3.3V. To ensure the display works as expected, it is recommended to supply power via a power adapter rather than using USB to TTL or boards.

Battery Socket

The display features a battery socket, but it is important to note that it does not supply power to the Nextion display. Instead, it is used to keep the Real Time Clock running when there is no power to the screen. This ensures that your projects maintain accurate timekeeping even when the display is not powered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I power the Nextion Intelligent display with a 3.3V development board?

No, the Nextion Intelligent display requires a 5V power supply. It is recommended to use a power adapter to ensure proper functionality.

What file format should I use when uploading a TFT file?

The TFT file should be in FAT32 format and should be the only file on the SD card. Additionally, the SD card should not exceed 32GB in size.


The DIYmalls Nextion Intelligent 4.3 inch HMI Display is a powerful and versatile display that can greatly enhance your Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. With its capacitive touch screen, high resolution, and advanced features, it offers a seamless and interactive user experience. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, this display is a must-have for your electronics toolkit.