GB KORE ARC Welding Machine

GB KORE ARC Welding Machine

ARC welding machine or stick welding gear is utilized to weld metal to metal by making enough warmth to liquefy the metal utilizing power. This machine is very light in weight and we can shift to the site very easily. The design of this machine is trendy and we make it be more effective in the welding process.

Inverter Welder Technology Innovation

  1. Inverter welder machine: Small volume, light-weight, energy saving upto 50%
  2. Portability: for high mobility environment, aerial, field work and interior finishing
  3. Single board design: high integration, scientific duct design for thermal diffusion
  4. Easy Operation: single knob adjustment
  5. Perfect protective function

Questions and Answers

  1. Can I use for grill fabrication?
  2. Yes, you can.

  3. Can we use 3.5 mm electrode for SS welding?
  4. Suitable electrode for ARC 250 is (2.5 to 3.15)mm or 12 No to 10 No. (2.5mm=12 No, 3.12mm=10 No)

  5. Can it be used for spot welding of 0.5mm thermocouples?
  6. This machine is not suitable for spot welding. Suitable for Welding Rod: (2.5 to 3.15)mm or 12 No. to 10 No. (2.5mm=12 No, 3.12mm=10 No), Suitable Material: MS (Mild Steel), Weld thickness range: upto 10mm, Service and Support: 2 Years Repair Warranty, We assure you of our best services at all times, Package Contents: 1 Welding Machine and Standard Accessories Include: Electrode Holder, Grounding Cable Clamp, Product Manual

Advantages of inverter based over Transformer based:

  • Upto 50% of power saving
  • Low load
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Spatter-free welding
  • Uniform welding
  • Voltage fluctuation control and many more