JAN & JUL Baby Toddler Kids UV-400 Polarized Sun-glasses

JAN & JUL Baby Toddler Kids UV-400 Polarized Sun-glasses

Introducing the latest collection of JAN & JUL baby toddler kids UV-400 polarized sun-glasses. These sunglasses are designed to protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays while keeping them stylish and comfortable.

Why Choose JAN & JUL Sun-glasses?

When it comes to protecting your child’s eyes, JAN & JUL is the brand you can trust. Here are some reasons why our sun-glasses are the best choice for your little ones:

1. UV-400 Protection

Our sun-glasses are equipped with UV-400 lenses, which block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This ensures that your child’s eyes are shielded from the sun’s damaging effects.

2. Polarized Lenses

The polarized lenses in our sun-glasses reduce glare and provide clear vision, making them perfect for outdoor activities. Your child can enjoy their time in the sun without any discomfort or eye strain.

3. Durable and Safe

We understand that kids can be rough with their belongings. That’s why our sun-glasses are made from high-quality materials that are built to last. They are also designed with safety in mind, featuring shatterproof lenses and a flexible frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these sun-glasses suitable for babies?

A: Yes, our sun-glasses are designed to fit babies, toddlers, and kids. They come in various sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your little one.

Q: Can these sun-glasses be worn over prescription glasses?

A: Unfortunately, our sun-glasses are not designed to be worn over prescription glasses. However, we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to accommodate different needs.

Q: How do I clean the sun-glasses?

A: To clean the sun-glasses, simply use a mild soap and water solution. Gently wipe the lenses and frame with a soft cloth or lens cleaning cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the lenses.


Investing in a pair of JAN & JUL baby toddler kids UV-400 polarized sun-glasses is a smart choice for any parent. Not only do they protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also offer style, durability, and comfort. Shop our latest collection now and give your little one the best sun-glasses they deserve!