ONE80 Dartboard Surround – Product Description

ONE80 Dartboard Surround

Protect your dartboard with the ONE80 Dartboard Surround. Made of high-quality wood wooden MDF, this dart catch ring provides ultimate protection for your dartboard. Say goodbye to stray darts damaging your walls or floors.

All-in-One Dart Game Center

The ONE80 Dartboard Surround set includes almost everything you need for both recreational and professional games of darts. It is a great combination of a sisal dartboard, MDF cabinet, steel tip darts, scoreboard, chalk, eraser, and mounting accessories. With this complete set, you can start playing darts right away.

Self-Healing Sisal Dartboard

The ONE80 Dartboard Surround features the top-quality ONE80 ACHIEVER bristle dartboard with staple-free bulls-eye wire construction. The standard tournament size measuring 17.8″ x 1.5″ ensures an authentic playing experience. The well-treated self-healing bristle/sisal fiber combined with a removable number ring provides exceptional playability and durability to the dartboard.

High-Class Multifunctional Cabinet

The ONE80 Dartboard Surround comes with a high-class multifunctional cabinet. It incorporates dart holders, scoreboards, and a pen holder. The solid wooden cabinet defends your wall in a large area, protecting it from stray darts. The cabinet is also highlighted by strong corner protection and hanging hooks. It can be easily opened and closed for convenient storage. The open dimensions are 21.65″ (55cm) H x 39.57″ (100.5cm) L x 3.35″ (8.5cm) D, and the closed dimensions are 21.65″ (55cm) H x 19.68″ (50cm) L x 3.35″ (8.5cm) D.

Complete Sets of Steel Tip Brass Darts

The ONE80 Dartboard Surround includes a complete set of steel tip brass darts. It includes 3 x 22g tungsten look brass darts and 3 x 24g brass darts in silver color. All darts have strategically-knurled barrels for an exceptional firm grip. These sturdy darts are made to last and are perfect for everyday use by all players.

Your Perfect Choice

The ONE80 Dartboard Surround is your perfect choice for a dartboard protection solution. The deluxe black wood-grained cabinet fits perfectly in your rooms and matches any type of indoor decoration. With this bundle, your dart game will be taken to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is the dartboard included in the set?
  • A: Yes, the ONE80 Dartboard Surround set includes a high-quality sisal dartboard.
  • Q: Can the cabinet be mounted on the wall?
  • A: Yes, the cabinet comes with mounting accessories for easy wall installation.
  • Q: Are the darts suitable for professional use?
  • A: Yes, the steel tip brass darts included in the set are suitable for both recreational and professional games.


The ONE80 Dartboard Surround is the ultimate dartboard protection solution. With its high-quality wood wooden MDF construction and complete set of accessories, it provides everything you need for a great game of darts. Say goodbye to damaged walls and floors, and enjoy hours of fun with this durable and stylish dartboard surround.