POGS Kids Headphones | The Elephant

POGS Kids Headphones | The Elephant

Introducing ‘The Elephant’ POGS kids headphones – the ultimate wired headphones for kids. These headphones are safe, strong, and packed with fun and comfy features. We named this one ‘The Elephant’ because the wired connection keeps you grounded like an elephant. Just like an elephant can stand the whole day and even sleep while standing, ‘The Elephant’ POGS have the wrinkly texture of elephant skin and a long lifetime.

The QuickSafe cable is designed to release quickly from POGS if it gets caught, ensuring safety for you and your POGS. It’s also a fabric cable, so it doesn’t tangle up on you. And what’s more, a fabric POGlink cable is included in the box too.

About this item

  • Superior Sound

    Experience a breathtaking sound with high-quality 32mm Neodymium loudspeakers and a finely tuned sound image.

  • POGLink

    Show your friends your favorite music! The POGlink cable makes it easy to connect POGS headphones together.

  • SafeSound

    Protect sensitive children’s ears with the integrated “SafeSound” system, offering reliable hearing protection with a volume limit of 85dB.

  • SuperStrong

    Designed for raving professionals, the POGS headphones are made from particularly light and strong materials.

  • Noise Isolating

    Immerse yourself in music or your favorite audiobook without turning up the volume. The allergen-free ear cups shield annoying ambient noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these headphones suitable for kids?

Yes, these headphones are specifically designed for kids aged 3 years and above.

2. Can I connect multiple POGS headphones together?

Yes, the POGlink cable included in the box allows you to connect multiple POGS headphones together and share your favorite music with friends.

3. How does the SafeSound system work?

The integrated SafeSound system ensures reliable hearing protection for sensitive children’s ears by limiting the volume to 85dB.

4. Are these headphones durable?

Yes, the POGS headphones are made from a strong and lightweight material, ensuring durability and a long lifetime.

5. Do these headphones block out ambient noise?

Yes, the allergen-free ear cups of the POGS headphones provide noise isolation, allowing you to enjoy your music or audiobook without being disturbed by surrounding noises.


‘The Elephant’ POGS kids headphones are the perfect choice for kids aged 3 years and above. With their foldable and robust design, volume control, microphone, and volume limiter of 85dB, these headphones prioritize safety and comfort. Enjoy superior sound quality, music-sharing function, and noise isolation with ‘The Elephant’ POGS headphones. Get yours today and let your kids experience the joy of music!