ToppDogz Slush Syrup | Snow Cone Syrup | Big Pack 12 x 250ml Top Classic Flavours | Slushie machines | slushy cups | Snow cone | shaved ice makers

ToppDogz Slush Syrup | Snow Cone Syrup | Big Pack 12 x 250ml Top Classic Flavours | Slushie machines | slushy cups | Snow cone | shaved ice makers

Introducing TOPPDOGZ Craft Syrups. We are a family company and a proud U.K. manufacturing company. We now produce our new, premium hand-crafted syrups in small batches in handy sizes that you can Buy-now and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. (We only use the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers as we know the importance in supporting U.K. economy and small businesses.)

Crafted with Care

Made with love by us right here in the U.K. and designed to take you back to those long hot summers of your childhood. Our tried and tested, unique, two-stage Small-batch production process means we guarantee you, your whole family, and friends will love our individually-crafted original flavors, as much ours do. So go on, give them a go, you will be happy you did.

Easy to Use

Simply follow the instructions to make a super tasty eye-catching treat. Specially formulated for use with all home Slush puppy machines, slushy squeeze cups, Shaved ice, Snow Cone makers. Now you can enjoy refreshing slushies – snowcones in the comfort of your own home. Super tasty and cost-effective because a little goes a long way.

Naturally Good

You can buy with confidence knowing we only use Non-GMO ingredients in our syrups, which are also vegan-friendly, lactose, gluten, and fat-free. With zero unnecessary additives at all which is super important to us. Made by us in the UK, For you, the kids, and the whole family to enjoy. Now all you have to do is, buy now, sit back, relax and enjoy. OH YEAH just watch out for brain-freeze.

Great Value

Our mix packs are uniquely versatile and perfect for making loads of different iced treats at home. Here are some ideas: slushees, snow cones, slusher cups, sweet-flavored lemonades, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, Italian cream soda stream, icee lollies, sodastream, lolly molds, shave ice, ice shavers-blenders, slushe retro ice crushers, slush puppies, slushey pouches, juice pouch, lolly’s, freeze pop slushees, mocktails, cocktails for home bars, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are these syrups suitable for vegans?
  • Do these syrups contain any artificial additives?
  • How many servings can I make with one bottle of syrup?
  • Can I use these syrups to make milkshakes?


Experience the taste of childhood summers with ToppDogz Craft Syrups. Made in the UK with love and care, our syrups are perfect for creating refreshing slushies, snow cones, and a variety of other iced treats. With their easy-to-use instructions and natural ingredients, you can enjoy these delicious syrups in the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on the great value and versatility of our mix packs. Buy now and indulge in the flavors that will bring back memories of long hot summers.