VASAGLE LGT28G 4 Tier Glass Bookcase Display

VASAGLE LGT28G 4 Tier Glass Bookcase Display

Display Your Faves: With transparent glass shelves and a gold-coloured frame, this 4-tier storage rack boasts stunning modern minimalism. It allows you to display your greenery, books, and collectibles while elevating the look of your space.

4 Tiers to Maximize Space

Taking up only 30 x 40 cm floor space, this 4-tier shelving unit with a 95 cm height allows you to make full use of the vertical space for storage.

Easy to Assemble

The illustrated instructions and numbered parts will help you assemble this glass shelf effortlessly.


For organising documents in the office, displaying photos in the living room, or storing toiletries in the bathroom. Each shelf has a load capacity of 10 kg and will support your items securely.

Sturdy and Stable

This bookshelf, made of 4 mm thick tempered glass and a steel frame, is very sturdy. The adjustable feet increase the stability, and the anti-tip kit enhances the safety.

  • Transparent glass shelves
  • Gold-coloured frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Maximize vertical space
  • Versatile for various spaces
  • Sturdy and stable
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can this bookcase be used in a bathroom?

Yes, this bookcase is versatile and can be used in a bathroom to store toiletries.

2. What is the load capacity of each shelf?

Each shelf has a load capacity of 10 kg, providing sturdy support for your items.

3. Is the assembly difficult?

No, the illustrated instructions and numbered parts make the assembly process easy and effortless.


The VASAGLE LGT28G 4 Tier Glass Bookcase Display is a stylish and functional storage solution for any space. With its transparent glass shelves and gold-coloured frame, it adds a touch of modern minimalism to your home or office. The 4-tier design maximizes vertical space, allowing you to display your favorite items while keeping them organized. The easy assembly process and sturdy construction make this bookcase a reliable choice. Whether you need to organize documents, display photos, or store toiletries, this versatile bookcase has you covered. Upgrade your space with this elegant and practical storage solution.