VLIZO Remote Control Toy Parts – Crux3 Frame Kit

VLIZO Remote Control Toy Parts – Crux3 Frame Kit

Are you looking for high-quality remote control toy parts to enhance your FPV racing drone? Look no further than the Crux3 Frame Kit by VLIZO. Made from environmentally friendly materials, this frame kit is designed to provide durability and stability for your drone.

EX1202.5 KV6400 Motor

The Crux3 Frame Kit comes with the powerful EX1202.5 KV6400 motor. This motor is specifically designed for 1-2S voltage, making it perfect for racing drones. With its high RPM and efficient performance, you can expect excellent speed and maneuverability.

Gemfan 3018 Propeller

To further enhance the performance of your Crux3 FPV racing drone, the kit includes the Gemfan 3018 propeller. This propeller is carefully crafted to provide optimal thrust and efficiency. Its unique design ensures smooth airflow, resulting in improved stability and control.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

At VLIZO, we prioritize sustainability. That’s why the Crux3 Frame Kit is made from environmentally friendly materials. We believe that you can enjoy your remote control toys while also taking care of the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use the Crux3 Frame Kit with other drones?
  2. While the Crux3 Frame Kit is specifically designed for the Crux3 FPV racing drone, it may be compatible with other drones of similar size and specifications. However, we recommend consulting the product manual or contacting our customer support for further assistance.

  3. Are spare parts available for the Crux3 Frame Kit?
  4. Yes, we offer a range of spare parts for the Crux3 Frame Kit, including motors, propellers, and frames. You can find these parts on our website or contact our customer support for more information.


Upgrade your FPV racing drone with the Crux3 Frame Kit by VLIZO. With its EX1202.5 KV6400 motor and Gemfan 3018 propeller, you can expect enhanced speed, stability, and control. Plus, with its environmentally friendly materials, you can enjoy your remote control toy while being conscious of the environment. Order your Crux3 Frame Kit today and take your FPV racing experience to the next level!