WOLF TACTICAL Weight Vest Plates – Enhance Your Workout

WOLF TACTICAL Weight Vest Plates – Enhance Your Workout

When it comes to fitness, we can easily get stuck in the same routine of running, lifting, or doing the same day-to-day workouts. But when you add a weight vest and some Wolf Tactical Weight Vest Plates to your run, WOD exercises, or other activities, you can see how much harder you can push your body and continue to build those lean muscles and strong lungs.

High Quality Laser-Cut Power-Coated Steel Plates

These weighted plates come in multiple sizes and are crafted with a heavy-duty steel to ensure they last through intense workouts, long runs, and hundreds of pullups. Powder-coated steel provides all-weather rust and corrosion resistance. Laser-cut smooth edges and rounded corners allow the plates to slide perfectly into our WOLF TACTICAL Adjustable Weighted Vest and other standard tactical vests.

Product Details:

  • Tactical-Grade Weight Vest Plates (Sold in Pairs)
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Laser-Cut Design for Enhanced Durability
  • No Sharp Edges or Corners
  • Supports Male and Female Athletes
  • Powder-Coated Rust-Resistant Finish
  • Available Sizes: 5.75 lbs., 8.75 lbs., 14.5 lbs, 19.75 lbs. (Individually)

Take Your Fitness to New Levels

Take your fitness, endurance, and weight training to new levels with heavy-duty steel plates for your plate carrier vest available in three different sizes. Always be ready technically and tactically with Wolf Tactical.

Weight Vest Plates

These laser-cut steel plates for weighted vests and plate carriers add an extra level to your workouts, running, or WODs to help increase cardio, endurance, stamina, and overall strength training.

Customize Your Training

Train progressively, with weight plates available in pairs of 5.75 lbs, 8.75 lbs, 14.5 lbs, and 19.75 lbs. Perfect for running, strength training, pushups, pullups, ruck marches, and WODs.

Heavy Duty Power-Coated Steel

This is a premium laser-cut weight vest plate with rounded corners and smooth edges. The powder-coated steel won’t rust or corrode over time.

Seamless Weighted Vest Compatibility

Designed to fit perfectly into our WOLF TACTICAL Weighted Vest, these weight plates will also work with a wide range of tactical training vests and carriers.

What You Get

This set contains (2) 5.75lb weight plates, adding up to 14 lbs of total weight when inserted into our weighted vest. Every order is backed by our 100% guarantee. We assure these plates won’t wear out before you do!


Enhance your workout and reach new levels of strength and endurance with WOLF TACTICAL Weight Vest Plates. These high-quality, laser-cut, power-coated steel plates are designed to fit seamlessly into your weighted vest, allowing you to customize your training and push your limits. Whether you’re running, doing strength training, or participating in WODs, these plates will help you increase your cardio, stamina, and overall strength. Don’t settle for the same old routine, take your fitness to new heights with WOLF TACTICAL Weight Vest Plates.