World Famous Tattoo Ink Primary Color

World Famous Tattoo Ink Primary Color

World Famous Tattoo Ink is revolutionizing the industry with their high quality tattoo inks. Their dedication and knowledge of how to amplify tattoo artists’ work are reasons why they’re being used by the most sought-after artists around the world. World Famous inks are vegan-friendly and EU approved. They are sterilized with gamma radiation and bottled in crystal-flex bottles with a secure twist cap and a tamper and water-proof label.

Primary Color Ink Set #1

The Primary Color Ink Set #1 comes boxed with 12 bright and bold primary color 1oz. ink bottles. Each bottle is in 1oz size and contains zero animal products. The set includes the following colors:

  • Paul Rogers Red
  • Everest Orange
  • Great Wall Yellow
  • Northern Lights Green
  • Napa Valley
  • Rolls Royce Purple
  • Galaxy Purple
  • Nile River Blue
  • Pitch Black
  • Vegas Green
  • Hoover
  • White House

These inks are better for immunity and overall health, more reliable and safer on the skin, and provide longer-lasting ink and better vibrancy. They are manufactured in New York, USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are World Famous Tattoo Inks vegan-friendly?

Yes, all World Famous Tattoo Inks are vegan-friendly and contain zero animal products.

Are these inks safe for the skin?

Yes, these inks are more reliable and safer on the skin, ensuring a better tattooing experience.

How long do these inks last?

These inks provide longer-lasting ink and better vibrancy, ensuring your tattoos stay bold and vibrant for a longer period of time.


World Famous Tattoo Ink Primary Color Set is the perfect choice for tattoo artists who want to create bold and vibrant tattoos. With their high-quality, vegan-friendly, and EU approved inks, you can trust that your artwork will stand out. These inks are sterilized with gamma radiation, ensuring safety and reliability. Get the Primary Color Ink Set #1 today and take your tattoo art to the next level.