Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets – Product Description

Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets

Looking for high-quality iron weight plates sets for your weightlifting and fitness needs? Xn8 has got you covered! Our range of weight plates is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

Product Specifications

Available Sets

  • 1.25kg*4
  • 2.5kg*4
  • 5kg*2
  • 10kg*2


Our weight plates are designed to fit 1.25″ (31.75mm) dumbbell handle bars. This ensures a secure and stable fit, allowing you to focus on your workout without any distractions.

Why Choose Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets?

When it comes to weightlifting and fitness equipment, quality matters. Here’s why Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets are the perfect choice for you:

1. Durability

Our weight plates are made from high-quality iron, ensuring long-lasting durability. They can withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear, making them ideal for intense training sessions.

2. Versatility

With a variety of weight options available, our sets allow you to customize your workout according to your strength and fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets have got you covered.

3. Easy to Use

The 1.25″ (31.75mm) diameter of our weight plates makes them easy to slide onto your dumbbell handle bars. The secure fit ensures stability during your workout, allowing you to focus on proper form and technique.

4. Value for Money

Each set of Xn8 Iron Weight Plates is priced differently, allowing you to choose the combination that suits your budget and requirements. We believe in providing high-quality products at affordable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these weight plates suitable for professional weightlifting?

A: Yes, our weight plates are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. They are made from durable iron and can withstand heavy use.

Q: Can I use these weight plates with other brands of dumbbell handle bars?

A: While our weight plates are specifically designed for 1.25″ (31.75mm) dumbbell handle bars, they may also be compatible with other brands. However, we recommend checking the compatibility before making a purchase.

Q: Can I purchase individual weight plates instead of sets?

A: Currently, we only offer weight plates in sets. However, our sets are priced differently, allowing you to choose the combination that suits your needs.


Take your weightlifting and fitness journey to the next level with Xn8 Iron Weight Plates Sets. Our high-quality iron weight plates are designed to provide durability, versatility, and ease of use. Choose the set that suits your needs and get ready to achieve your fitness goals with Xn8!